What Security Licences Do I Need?

Security is an essential part of any business or event, guaranteeing the safety of all individuals involved and the protection of it from theft or damage. But in order to employ security, a number of licences are required to comply with legislation and to guarantee complete professionalism from your security team.

Therefore, in this article we’ll be answering the question ‘what security licenses do I need?’ to ensure that your security team is fully permitted to provide security services for your business or event. 

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Cash and Valuables Licence

If you need items that are in transit guarding, you’ll require a cash and valuables in transit licence. This will licence your security team to protect your goods from damage or theft while being transported in a vehicle, be it that they are being delivered to a consumer or to your premises.

Close Protection Licence

If you are protecting one or more individuals from assault or injuries that may come about from unlawful contact with others, you’ll need a close protection licence.

Door Supervisor Licence

For manned guard duties at the entrance to a licensed premises, a door supervisor licence is required. However, if guarding the entrance only requires the use of CCTV or the activities instead fall under the definition of cash and valuables in transit or close protection, you will not need a door supervisor licence.

It is necessary to obtain a door supervisor licence if an individual carries out the activity at their own behest or at that of their employer.

Public Space Surveillance Licence

If manned guarding of an area revolves primarily around the use of closed circuit television equipment, you will need a public space surveillance licence. Acquiring one will permit you to monitor and record the activities of people in public or private spaces and to use that footage to identify specific individuals, thereby protecting both people and property.

Security Guard Licence

For any activity that does not fall smoothly into the categories outlined above, you will need a security guard licence. This will then fully permit you to have the full range of security services carried out on your premises. It may involve using CCTV footage to identify a trespasser, for instance, and would enable protection of any premises, including licensed premises.

It is worth noting, however, that if you possess a close protection or door supervisor licence then you are already a licensed security guard.

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