Omni Security Adopt SmartTask Software

Here at Omni Security, we constantly strive to improve our services for the better. We understand that our customers expect only the highest standards of security and customer service, and it’s this that drives us to excel in everything we do.


As such, we have recently adopted new employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software SmartTask from developers Skillweb. We replaced a number of our software systems in order to create a single, exceptionally functional platform for use across the London SE1 and Huntingdon areas.

What Is SmartTask Software?

SmartTask is a superb software solution that enables companies to improve the operational control and quality of their services. By streamlining a range of processes, ensuring easy access and outstanding organisational functionality, SmartTask aims to reduce the time it takes to complete admin duties by up to half. SmartTask does this by:

  • Automating the roster generation process
  • Automating the scheduling of shifts
  • Boosting contract compliance
  • Easily defining in-shift patrols through an intuitive workflow interface
  • Covering a range of roles, including fire, safety and first aid equipment checks

SmartTask software also guarantees employee attendance through a variety of operational monitoring tools utilised on a SmartTask-enabled smartphone. These tools include GPS tracking of security officers, thereby ensuring they’re always safe, and the need for security officers to physically scan NFC checkpoint tags along a patrol route. Security officers can also effortlessly file reports if anything is ever amiss, such as if staff have left items blocking a fire exit.

How Will Omni Security Use SmartTask to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

At our 24/7 control room, we will have access to SmartTask’s live-view interactive dashboard. Through this, we can monitor attendance and safety of static teams and view any incidents or alarms in real-time. We have also worked closely with Skillweb to develop a bespoke reporting process, unique to our requirements, in order to capture operational detail and business intelligence which we can then share internally and with our customers.

In addition, SmartTask’s intelligent rostering process now allows us to create and amend schedules quickly and efficiently, assigning the most suitable and qualified personnel to a given customer site. Administrative staff can plan and communicate rosters through SmartTask, allowing staff to view and confirm availability on their smartphone. As a result, you can rest assured that Omni Security will always be there to secure your premises.

What’s more, customers will also be given access to their rosters and incident reports for real-time reporting, ensuring you always have complete peace of mind.

Commenting on the new software, Peter Hale, General Manager at Omni Security, said: ‘SmartTask is already proving to be a valuable management tool that is providing complete transparency to internal teams and customers. Having the ability to access and communicate critical operational data in such a simple and efficient way, means it is benefitting all areas of our business. It will not only save us considerable time and money, but also deliver competitive advantage, simplify governance and support business development.’

Omni Security Are Awarded the ‘Outstanding Company’ Accolade by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd

Omni Security’s efforts to consistently improve our services we are proud to say have not gone unnoticed! After refining our services through, among other things, adopting the exceptional SmartTask Security software, we have been awarded the ‘Outstanding Company’ accolade by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd.

2017 awards logo

Plimsoll specialise in monitoring businesses, valuing them and tracking their competitors in a given field, allowing you to adjust your business plan accordingly. On an annual basis, Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, as a leading provider of market reports and company analysis, awards the ‘Outstanding Company’ accolade to a select number of companies in individual industry sectors. The award is a result of their latest analysis of the published annual accounts relevant to a specific area of business.

In receiving the award, Omni Security have shown a committed effort to improve business performance over the past year and excellent progress going forward, too. Furthermore, only a handful of businesses are awarded this prestigious accolade every year, which significantly underlines our position as one of the leading providers of security services throughout the UK. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you secure your premises!

Offering services throughout London and the UK, here at Omni Security we provide only the highest quality specialist security in the field. We are market leaders in an array of services, from licensed officers to mobile security, canine security to alarm response. We believe that every client and their needs are unique, so we will tailor our security solutions to meet your specific requirements. For more information about how Omni Security can help your retail business secure its premises, contact our friendly team today.

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