Retail Security: How Can I Stop Shoplifters?

Though we’d like to be everywhere when it comes to keeping an eye on the stock in our shops, unfortunately this can prove nigh on impossible most of the time. And with the constant risk of theft and the thought that you aren’t doing enough to protect your goods forever tugging away at the back of your mind, it can be difficult to find the will to ever get anything else done.

Therefore,  we’ll be looking at how you can bolster your retail security, with a particular focus on how to stop shoplifters, so you can rest assured your store and its contents are safe and sound.

Greet your customers

Shoplifters want to make as little contact with you and your employees as possible because they want to be easily forgotten so as to avoid identification after the deed is done.

If you make eye contact with each and every customer as they come into the store and greet them properly (not just saying ‘Good morning’, but also asking by them how they are, if you could help at all), you are much more likely to put potential shoplifters off wanting to steal your wares.

Keep your shelves well-stocked and organised

Meticulously arranging your stock and keeping it neat and tidy is an excellent way to ensure that whenever a guest in your store removes an item it is spotted at once.

If the stock is allowed to become a rampant mess it can be difficult to identify when something is removed, but if it is well organised you can be sure to easily spot if a shoplifter has swiped a product from a shelf.

Light is your friend

There’s a reason most burglaries occur under cover of darkness: because it’s much harder to identify a thief in the night. The same applies for your retail premises. If it is poorly lit, shoplifters will find it much easier to see off with your products and you will be less likely to catch them in the act. Ensure that your shop is well lit to deter any would-be shoplifters.

Train your employees

Not everyone is naturally able to deal with matters of security, but the more eyes on the lookout for shoplifters the better, so it’s worth training your employees to ensure that they can identify and deal appropriately with shoplifters as a first line of defence.

Educate them about what the telltale signs of a shoplifter are, with such behaviours as avoiding eye contact, twitchiness, and lingering in areas that are difficult to monitor high on the agenda.

To reduce the likelihood of shoplifting in your store, have your employees approach those they identify as a potential risk and ask them if they could help them at all. If the customer was indeed a possible shoplifter, this may deter them.

Install CCTV and hire security officers

Above all, the best thing you can do when it comes to security is to utilise CCTV cameras and security officers to ward off shoplifters. CCTV footage can serve as damning evidence to incriminate an individual, something no thief would find attractive.

However, the ultimate deterrent you can implement would be to hire a security officer. Licensed security officers are adept at spotting and dealing with suspicious behaviour, and will serve to protect both your staff and goods from would-be shoplifters.

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